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A Selection From The Firm's Early Litigation History

Karydas v. Komodikis (1975)
An early and leading judgement of the Supreme Court, laying down the principles on which interlocutory injunctions must be based. Cited as a principal authority in most judgements on interlocutory injunctions to date.

Telegraphos Publishing Company v. Republic (1976)
The name of a new newspaper resembled to the existing name of the newspaper of our client in a way likely to cause confusion. On Administrative Recourse on behalf of our client, the Supreme Court annulled the licensing of the new publication, accepting that the exercise of the power to disallow the lisencing does not contravene Article 19 of the Constitution (freedom of expression).

Tsangari v. Republic (1979)
Our client an invalid person was refused by the administration to import a car under favourable duty/ tax terms. On Administrative Recourse, the Supreme Court of Cyprus annulled the decision of the administrative organ for lack of competency to refuse such importation and the applicant finally imported the car duty/ tax free.

Trade Development Bank v. Ship ‘Ariadni PA’ (1979)
Counsel for the mortgagee bank against the ship in an Admiralty action in rem. An early and rare example of an order for appraisal and sale of the ship ‘pendente lite’ and an eventual judgement and order for payment out of the proceeds within the shortest possible procedural time limits.

The Church of Cyprus v. the House of Representatives & the President of the Republic of Cyprus (1989)              
Counsel for the House of Representatives (Parliament) in an Application by the Church on the basis of art. 149(b) of the Constitution challenging as unconstitutional the decision of the House to amend the Constitution in order to introduce Civil Marriage.

The President of The Republic v. The House of Representatives (1984)
Counsel for the House of Representatives (Parliament) in a reference by the President of the Republic on the constitutionality of a Law enacted by the House of Representatives prohibiting the appointment by the Government of “special employees”.

The President of The Republic v. The House of Representatives (1985)
Counsel for the House of Representatives (Parliament) in a reference by the President of the Republic on the constitutionality of a law enacted by the House, regulating the powers of the various Ministers.

Williams & Glynns Bank v. The Ship Maria (1982 - 1992)
Admiralty action in rem by the mortgagee bank against the ship. As counsel for the ship forcibly defended the action against her for a decade until settlement. Possibly the most celebrated admiralty action in the Supreme Court of Cyprus, with reported judgements/ rulings on a very wide range of points: practice, procedural, substantive. Quoted repeatedly to date as leading case law on most of these issues.

In re DJ Demades & Sons Limited (1989)
Counsel for the Petitioner in a winding-up petition based on the just and equitable ground.  One of the few cases in which a winding-up order was actually issued and, though a first-instance judgment, is a principal authority on quasi-partnerships and the procedure to be followed during the hearing of winding-up petitions.

Solomonides v. The Ship ‘Sol Clipper’ (1978, reported in1991)
Counsel for the ship, on whose application the Admiralty Court, in one of its early judgments on the point, ordered a stay of proceedings on the basis of an arbitration clause referring the dispute to arbitration in Stockholm.

In Re Cyprus Asbestos Mines (1990)
Counsel for the employees of a company under liquidation. The Supreme Court allowed the employees, as interested parties, to appear and take part in the proceedings of the appeal, though not named in the Petition. (The Attorney General appeared in Court in person to argue the points)

Mesaritis v. Municipality of Paphos (1992)
Counsel for a well known Architect who prepared the architectural plans for the development of the area of the Port of Paphos. An early and one of the rare cases where the Supreme Court granted an interlocutory order staying execution of an administrative act pending hearing and final determination of the Recourse on the ground of manifest illegality and irreparable damage. Often cited in subsequent cases for the granting of interlocutory injunctions in relation to administrative appeals.

Kyriacou and others v. Social Insurance Fund (1993)
Counsel for all the employees of a bankrupt employer. Supreme Court judgment on what amounts to an ‘employment dispute’ and on the obligations of the Social Insurance Fund in such cases. (The Attorney General appeared in Court in person to argue the appeal)

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