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Commercial Law Matters

$ 750 million Financing Facility:

Acted as external advisors of a major Russian group in a $750 million London Syndicated Loan Facility


$ 150 million Debt Restructuring and Debt for Equity Swap:

Acted as external advisors of a major Russian group in the restructuring of a $150 million loan facility involving a debt for equity swap.


$ 3 Billion cross border transaction:

Acted as Cyprus counsel as part of legal team advising major Russian company in a $3 billion cross border transaction for setting up a corporate structure to own, manage and control investment projects.


Multi million acquisition and restructuring of asset holding company:

Acted as Cyprus counsel as part of legal team advising major Russian mobile phone operator in a multimillion acquisition, and subsequent restructuring of asset holding entity.

‘Societas Europaea’ (SE):

Acted as counsel in multi million cross-border mergers, acquisitions and re-organizations including formation of “Societas Europaea” (SE) by the merger of public limited companies registered in more than two European Union countries engaged in transport.

$120 million Subscription:

Retained by a major US investment firm in relation to its investment in a real estate company active in Eastern Europe and Turkey, including carrying out the due diligence on the Cyprus SPVs and the holding company and advising on the subscription and shareholders agreements.


$70+ million multi-layered structure for the sale of securities utilizing international trusts:

Advised the seller of shares of Russian enterprises in a multi-million transaction on how to structure it in a manner safeguarding its interests by using multi-layered instruments based on the Cyprus International Trust Law.


$100+ million debt restructuring:

Acted as Cyprus counsel as part of legal team advising major Ukrainian Bank in connection with the restructuring of indebtedness and provision of additional finance of a large Ukrainian group.


$600+ million joint venture:

Acted as Cyprus counsel as part of legal team advising major Russian retail group in relation to establishing with a European investment group a joint venture company in Cyprus for holding and controlling Russian consumer retail facilities and converting debt into equity.


$40+ million Real Estate Transaction:

Advised on the structuring of the transaction via Cyprus SPVs and subsequent sale of a building in Moscow, including on the Escrow Agreement (the first transaction of its kind where a Cyprus bank acted as Escrow Agent).


$100+ million Real Estate Transaction & Escrow:

Advised the Buyer and then Seller in a complex twin sale involving an Escrow within an Escrow Agreement involving an office complex in Moscow. Also acted as joint Escrow Agent for the transaction.


$20+ million Real Estate Transaction & Escrow:

Advised the Buyer in a sale of a building in Moscow. Also acted as Escrow Agent for the transaction.


$175 million Notes through a major international bank:

Local counsel for an international company in connection with the issuance of interest-bearing Notes offered through a major international bank as agent and trustee, advising on the drafting of the Offering Memorandum for the Notes, of Agreements relating to the issuance of the Notes and of Guarantees and Pledges provided by the Issuer’s Cypriot subsidiaries.


Advising major bank on a $100 million project:

Counsel for one of the major US Banks in connection with the acquisition of a stake in a group of companies involved in the acquisition and development of immovable property in the Balkans and across Eastern Europe.


Advising the Russian office of one of the big four accounting firms:

Counsel for one of the major international auditing firms, carrying out extensive legal due diligence review of the legal standing of the Cypriot subsidiaries of an English holding company in connection with the listing of its shares on the London Stock Exchange.


European Bank of Reconstruction and Development:

Local counsel for the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development in a multi-million capital venture project in Romania involving numerous parties.


Venture Capital Projects:

Local counsel with regards to two major multi-million ($30 million and $38 million) investment projects in Russia, whereby 100% of the share capital of an existing Russian “Target Company” owning buildings in St. Petersburg was transferred to a newly established Cyprus Companies in stages.


Counsel in connection with the granting of a licence to the franchise of an international hairdresser chain in Cyprus and the establishment of a joint venture.


Escrow Agreements:

Ongoing work in negotiating, advising on and drafting multi-million Escrow Agreements, multi-party cross-border transactions, relating to sale or acquisition of participation interests.


Advising and acting for local and international banks:

Ongoing work as counsel for numerous local and international banks, providing advice on a variety of matters, including obtaining effective security for loans granted, the effect and practical implications of new legislation affecting financial institutions and matters relating to internal organisation, as well as handling litigation ranging from debt recovery cases to complex cases involving factoring agreements, competing claims by creditors and priorities of securities.


Estate Planning:

Ongoing work for a variety of high net worth individuals seeking advice for estate planning purposes, including advice on utilization of International Trusts.

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