Corporate & Personal Tax advisory

Via SCORDIS, PAPAPETROU & Co (Corporate Services) Ltd we offer tax advisory services to corporations and individuals that seek to manage their tax functions effectively and efficiently. They include corporate tax advisory, tax support to family offices, tax investigations and dispute resolutions, tax rulings, transfer pricing and CbC reporting.

The tax landscape is changing, requiring significant dedication for navigating the changes, impact and tax efficiencies. Our team of experts is committed to be at the forefront of any developments and to offer value with its advisory services to our clients. Our advisory services include:

  • Advising on a complex structure/transaction/arrangement covering tax red flags and implications;
  • Advising on technical areas of the tax Law;
  • Advising on tax structuring and eliminating tax inefficiencies.
  • Preparing applications for advance rulings aiming to provide certainty in grey areas of tax Law.
  • Undertaking and preparing applications for qualifying reorganizations under the tax Law.
  • Advising on cross border or domestic Merger & Acquisitions.
  • Advising on personal tax affairs;