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Cyprus National Health System ( Cyprus NHS)
Date: 16/04/2019
The much awaited and debated Cyprus National Health System (NHS) will commence operations later this year while the relevant contributions (taxation to finance the NHS) commence as of 01 March 2019 (‘NHS Contribution’). The NHS Contribution is calculated on the amount of income streams earned by (i) a Cyprus tax resident physical person (irrespective if he is classified as non-domiciled or not), or (ii) a non-Cyprus tax resident person on designated Cyprus source income.
The aforesaid income streams are broadly defined and include dividend (as well as deemed dividend as from 31 December, 2019), interest and rental income streams. The NHS Law contains cross-references to existing laws (such as the Cyprus Corporate Income Tax Law and Special Defence Contribution) for defining income streams from employment or from operating a business or holding an office. Equally it contains crossreferences to the Social Insurance Law for interpretation of the categorisation of the payer of NHS Contribution. Beneficiary of medical treatment or related benefits and services from the NHS is every citizen of the Republic of Cyprus either via public hospitals or from private clinics and doctors who have registered themselves for offering NHS services. 
Download: Tax Newsletter - NHS.pdf
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